Paris Without Cars

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Team: David Arturo Cortes Pineda (UTadeo), Monika Kumar (Frateli), Brigheil Lalor (Harvard), Patrick Pan (Harvard)

Our mission is to bring the roads of Paris to life by creating a more dynamic, efficient, adaptive, and responsive method of transportation for Parisians. Inspired by the idea of a carless city and the virtues of bicycling, we have used the basis of the intricate and effective biological processes involved in the circulatory system to propose dynamic bicycle lanes that adapt to traffic conditions throughout Paris.

These dynamic lanes, implemented with lights installed in the road pavement or movable bollards, will make bicycle transportation more convenient, effective, and safe for cyclists and drivers. In this way, the impending shift away from car transportation will less of an inconvenience for Parisians and more of a natural evolutionary process.

The implications of increased bicycling traffic extend far beyond decreasing congestion: Paris will become not just more environmentally healthy– due to decreased carbon emissions– but also more socially connected, enriching the social capital of the city.


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