Parisian Projections

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Team: Marine Kirat (Frateli), Ju-Hyun Lee (Harvard), Chris Li (Harvard), Nicolas Senecaut (CRI)

A center of diversity, Paris is home to a rich repository of cultural identities. Throughout its history, Paris has faced issues of tension and conflict between myriad ethnic groups. Political developments have led to increasing urgency, and recently many groups have felt growing isolation and distance from Parisian society.

Our proposal improves cultural misunderstandings within Paris through a humanistic approach— “Parisian Projections”—a weeklong cultural arts festival in which the City of Light will be illuminated by projections, and Parisians from various backgrounds will share their histories, narratives, and experiences in an emotionally resonant and compelling way. These projected stories will raise cultural empathy at a fundamentally human level, empowering individuals who never had access to voicing their narratives.

Drawing from the beautiful biological phenomenon of endocrine signaling in which potent hormones broadcast critical messages to an organism, this initiative will also incorporate several feedback mechanisms to gauge citizen responses via digital platforms. Just as cells elicit differential responses in complex physiological change, our proposal will contribute significantly to improving the cultural and ethnic communication in the city of Paris.


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