Salad Bowls Sur Seine

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Team: Zakaria Chikhaoui (Frateli), Bruno Moguel Gallegos (Harvard), Franck Porteous (CRI), Christine Zheng (Harvard)

Salad Bowls sur Seine is a project that aims to tackle Paris’ problems of water pollution, lack of green space, and crowding in one integrative, biologically-inspired approach.

The implementation of this project will consist of the deployment of hydroponic islands along the Seine River, on which will be grown phytoremediative plants that will absorb pollutants from the water in their growth processes. The project draws upon and combines previous successful uses of both hydroponics and phytoremediation in bodies of water around the world, while also using unique plant species that suit our purposes of cleansing and beautification. This system of islands is meant to resemble the systems of tubules and nephrons in the human kidney that filter the blood, which is a great model of a non-disruptive, specialized fluid filtration system.

In addition to treating the water, the islands will add a splash of greenery to the environment, and serve as an educational platform to teach Parisians about the importance sustainability and environmental conservation. In the long term, we Salad Bowls sur Seine will make the Seine a brighter, more hospitable environment, and promote green living and green technology in the city of Paris.


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