Themed Subway Cars

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Team: Alexandra Fehnel (Harvard), Leon Grillet (CRI), Najoua Medroumi (Frateli), Dan Roman (Harvard)

Despite the large concentration of commuters using the Paris metro everyday, interaction between strangers on trains is seen as something one should avoid. Our project goal is to change this unfortunate tradition through the introduction of themed subway cars in hopes of creating an atmosphere of interaction, connection, and creativity among individuals with shared interests.

By looking at the city of Paris as a living system, we have drawn our inspiration from the compartmentalization and signaling present in the biological principle of vesicle transport. Capitalizing on the modernization of the subway by metro2030 and the availability of real-time information for passengers, we plan to provide commuters with enough underground signaling, similar to that of vesicles,  to cluster into their desired train cars.

As an initial model, we want to begin installing this system in the RER and later expand it to the metro lines. Using on-train cameras and online feedback, we hope to ascertain how our initial model fostered social interaction by creating a shared experience among commuters.


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