Harnessing the Seine

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Team: Maryam Arif (CRI), Cynthia de Souza (Frateli), Karolina Ladino Puerto (UTadeo), Jacob Scherba (Harvard), Stephanie Ying (Harvard)

The Seine is one of the most beautiful sites in Paris, and our project seeks to capitalize on the strength that lies just under the surface of this majestic river. Inspired by the mechanism of the ATP synthase enzyme, we propose the installation of hydroelectric kinetic turbines on the bed of the Seine to generate a sustainable source of electricity.

This electricity will then be used to help power the RATP subway system, a vital part of Parisian life utilized by over one-and-a-half billion people each year. France has a history of involvement in sustainable energy, and while many cities have integrated hydroelectric turbines into their rivers, our proposal is the first to link this generated energy to a public transportation system.

Fl’eau promises to positively impact an integral component of Paris’s transportation network by supplying it with a sustainable source of energy, thereby creating jobs and recentralizing energy production in the city of Paris itself.


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