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Team: Clara Haas (CRI), Mirhee Kim (Harvard), Anna Lemoine Danese (CRI), Daniel Ott (Harvard)

Similar to how multicellular organisms require communication between cells for survival, such as a neural network, a healthy community involves strong relationships among its residents.  Not only are many Parisians isolated in terms of their respective neighborhoods, but it is difficult to find space for the community events that help build these relationships. 

Though both “official” and “unofficial” community centers exist, they are not in every arrondissement and are limited in their range of activities.  Similar to programs like 596 Acres, Neighbourday, and Nextdoor, OurSpace will facilitate community interaction but in a more activity-oriented method inspired by the transport of ions across membranes and affinity trapping in the nucleus. 

With this platform, residents can host events, open up space for other activities, search for available spaces, or simply attend events that are advertised on the websites.  Through the analysis of user activity and data, OurSpace will adapt to build community in the best way possible and alleviate social isolation.


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