Team: Monet Lee (Harvard), Theo Mendez (Harvard), Hélène Tholoniat (SciencesPo), Nikola Zarevski (CRI)

Paris is an organism of diversity, a community of people clustered from the heart of the city to the edge of the suburbs. But what enables this dense population to live and interact in every corner of the metropolis?

The Metro system is part of an extensive public transportation network that spans Paris. While the Metro physically connects destinations, it also enables everyday activities such as going to work, meeting friends, and traveling, thus embodying Parisian participation in society. (continue reading below)

However, this vital infrastructure cannot be easily accessed by all. Baba Thiam, who has been blind since childhood and also stars in our film, represents one of many populations such as the elderly and disabled whose challenges in the metro are amplified tenfold. Our project – B.A.BA, Basic Access By All– integrates technological and human assistance in order to provide equal access to everyone. A mobile app guides users through the Metro using beacon technology, and connects them to “Helping Hand” personnel who provide physical assistance.

We are committed to the City of Paris’ and the United Nations’ goal to “improve accessible and sustainable transport systems for all.” Though designed for disadvantaged groups, B.A.BA can universally support anyone, everywhere.


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