Team: Benjamin Doberset (SciencesPo), Erik Fliegauf (Harvard), Mouna Lekhnati (Frateli), Phillip Yu (Harvard)

What if the city and nature could live, grow and innovate together? What if you could walk, run, bike, or even go to a cafe in a natural environment?

Parks in Paris are important places, both as leisure areas for Parisians and as shelters for biodiversity. Nevertheless, those parks are scattered and often isolated, amplifying the view of the city and nature as separate, as nature is not seen as compatible or integrated with the urban environment. The city and nature coexist but do not interact. (continue reading below)

The BioCité project aims to merge nature and the city by connecting parks and by developing green streets throughout Paris. Not only will urban biodiversity benefit from the extension of green space, but citizens will be able to enjoy these pleasant, safe, and healthy areas covering the entire city as well.

We promote an inclusive vision of the city of the future where city and nature exist in harmony, creating a new ecosystem: the BioCité.


One thought on “BioCité

  1. Stopped by the Hubweek presentation yesterday and wondered if you had considered vertical gardening as a way to improve the density of the green spaces you described.

    Vertical gardens are not that difficult to construct. See

    If you could get building owners to contribute water (or have the cities involved give participants a water credit) all you would need to supply is the framework, plants, and installation.

    There is even a french artist, Patric Blanc, who would probably be willing to consult and provide ideas on how to accomplish this on a larger city-wide scale economically. See

    Buy-in from property owners could be achieved first by illustrating how inexpensive the frameworks are (or free, if you provide them), second that the property owner is “doing their part” to mitigate global warming, and third provide city-wide or arrondissment-wide contests for the best/most artistic vertical gardens on buildings (i.e increasing property values/desirability/livability).

    Hope that’s helpful!


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