Team: Hannah Byrne (Harvard), Etienne Drieux (SciencesPo), Julie Le Bot (CRI), Akeem Pinnock (Harvard)

KWIAT, the food truck that builds community
Friendships at university are often constrained to a tiny sphere. At KWIAT, we think that studying in Paris is not only about learning, but also about having the opportunity to establish diverse relationships. In order to strengthen and diversify the student community, we have developed an innovative project to give students in Paris the means to meet more easily around a good meal. (continue reading below)

KWIAT brings students together near their homes and builds a real community through food. Run by and for students, our truck carries everything required to cook a meal and create a vibrant space where students can get together, eat, and build community.

Our app acts as a central message board for the students, informing them of upcoming events which they can join to cook or share a reasonably priced meal. To create an environment which encourages students to build new relationships, we provide a space where students can get involved in group activities, like playing games or music.
KWIAT is a food truck for the students and by the students. It is not a top-down service for them, but a project that the students of Paris can own and shape.


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  1. Stopped by the Hubweek presentation and it seemed like this might be a good project that should seek out startup funding. In other words, having a Kwiat truck available for tour-bus groups, for parties, office events, school outings, or family get-togethers seems like it would have a lot of appeal on a larger scale. Food, tables and chairs, entertainment, and zero clean up. Since the trucks can basically go anywhere, that gives people the ability to meet up in parks, national landmarks, scenic areas, beaches, and so on without having to plan or purchase equipment or rely on finding an available (or usable) park table.

    You could also probably get government contracts to show up and provide meals to those displaced by natural disasters.

    Couple with a commercial kitchen and you have catering 2.0. Send it off to a few of the VC firms like DFJ and see what happens.

    Really nice concept. Hope it works out for you guys.

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