2016 Student Projects

Working in inter-disciplinary and international teams, students spent 8 weeks developing a detailed proposal to improve life in Paris. Each team produced two deliverables to convey their project proposal: 1. A 3-minute video expressing the particular urban challenge and the team’s proposal in a creative and empathetic manner. 2. A Design Plan, outlining the current issue, biological framework, implementation schedule and assessment plan for their Smart City program, with relevant maps, charts, diagrams and other supporting materials. Despite the short time-frame, students consulted with numerous local officials, stakeholders, residents and academics as they formulated their projects. Ten projects were produced, … Continue reading 2016 Student Projects

Team: Hannah Byrne (Harvard), Etienne Drieux (SciencesPo), Julie Le Bot (CRI), Akeem Pinnock (Harvard) KWIAT, the food truck that builds community Friendships at university are often constrained to a tiny sphere. At KWIAT, we think that studying in Paris is … Continue reading